If you own an investment property you must obtain insurance to protect your property and your income.

Building Insurance covers your building against risks from catastrophes, floods/storms/water damage.  Tenant damage/ damage by pets/damage from scorching/theft/explosion/electrical motor burnout/impact

It should also cover fixtures such as carpets/stovetops and glass breakage/air conditioners/water pumps/hot water heaters and any damage to your rental property by your tenants or guests for accidental damage, theft of inclusions by your tenants, malicious damage to the property

Landlord Insurance:  Covers loss of rent that you might experience due to tenants absconding/tenant hardship/premises left untenantable due to damage/defaulting tenant resulting in an eviction by court order/Death of a tenant/ failure to give vacant possession/prevention of access by tenant/releting expenses/lock replacement/key and remote control theft.

MRA will provide you with the insurance providers that will cover all the above to safe guard the property.  We have researched three different insurance providers that will cover you for any event at a reasonable cost.

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