Cheryl and Neville

Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and consideration.

I would like to thank you Jeanette, “for as Jenny had said” for giving us a glowing reference for the last nine years being as one of your tenants. It has been a pleasure to have dealt with you all. I will always be so grateful for all you did for me when I went through so much grief without any support.

I only wish you had some properties at Toowoomba areas, as it would have been nice to stay with Merlot.


Thank you and all of the MRA staff for the amazing hospitality as a real estate. I’m honoured to lease this property for another year.


I am writing this letter to express my appreciation about your supports.
I lived in Highside Morayfield until last November. At the time, I have been comfortable and I felt sense of stability, this is because you and your staff kindly assist us.
Even though I move to another place I will never forget your office and your kindness.
I wish you the prosperity of your company.
Thank you so much.